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True will 

TRUE WILL is a group exhibition that takes upon each artist's moment, singular or plural. Moments that shape their will of life & art until today. The journey let it be painful, regrets, happiness or joy is what leads to works of today in this moment in time.

Aaron Axelrod (USA)

Chayapong Charuvastr (TH)

Chip7 (USA)

Cider (USA)

FAITH47 (S. Africa)

Jimin Hong (S. Korea)

Kult (TH)

Lolay (TH)

Nariss (TH)

Okuda San Miguel (Spain)

Push (USA)

Peap Tarr and Lisa Mam (NZ based in CM)

Rukkit Kuanhawate (TH)

Samir Evol (USA)

Snipe1 (JP)

Wal Chirachaisakul (TH)


For all inquiries: INFO@CHINS.GALLERY


Exhibition Date:

Today - 10 FEB 2019

12PM - 7PM